Hello and welcome to Power of 3 Health and Wellbeing. I’m Cheryl – the creator and writer of this site. I live in West Sussex having relocated here from my hometown of Bristol, and I work as a full time legal secretary.

When I am not at work or with my head stuck in a book, I enjoy gym, yoga, shopping, and love long walks along the South Downs, exploring the local area. I am also partial to a spot of afternoon tea because, after all, life is about happiness, love, family, friends, personal growth and everything in moderation.

I was diagnosed with anxiety two years ago, after an unsettling period in my life. It was around this time I started journaling and found writing cathartic. At the same time, I also reignited my passion for health and fitness, focusing on my own nutrition, movement, mindset and being more aware of my own mental and physical wellbeing.

The love of writing and reading books on health, wellbeing, nutrition, mindset and business led to major shifts in my perception, and I wanted to have a place where I could share my journey with like-minded people. The aim was to create a safe place to share experiences, communicate and build a community where everyone is treated as an individual and all stories matter.

From this, the Power of 3 Health and Wellbeing was born. In my experience there are three elements to having a happy, healthy, successful life: nutrition, mindset and movement, alongside a good support network of family, friends and people who inspire you. If you love all things health, movement, wellbeing through self-love and talking about your own mental health, this is the place for you. Here I will share my experiences and opinions through my process. I am not a guru, just an average thirty something getting her life together, but I will share things with you as I discover them.

This is just the beginning, and I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to connecting with you.