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Discombobulated by the New Year/New You

The endless posts talking about how 2020 is going to be the best year yet! Are jamming our newsfeeds. We are told that planning is the answer! As if, planning the ass out of the next 365 days is really the answer? Yes, in an ideal world it may well ...
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A Beginners Guide to ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction’

Hello lovelies, Today, I am joined by a special guest Louise Creswick. Louise shares her own personal journey with anxiety and depression and how mindfulness has helped her both personally and in her business. My unexpected discovery.  In all the years I struggled with anxiety and depression, and then in ...
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How Nutrition can support mental health

How nutrition can support your mental health Today is World Mental Health Day  As someone who lives with anxiety and depression, I know first-hand how important nutrition plays a role in living a happy and healthy lifestyle in mind and body.   Anxiety and depression really made their presence in my ...
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Not all those who wander are lost

Last week I celebrated my 40thbirthday with family and friends.  I could not believe the amount, of friends who told me how inspiring my journey has been to them and that they are sharing, it with their friends too which truly warms my heart! They told me to keep doing what ...
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The Road to Sustainability

There are a number of different roads you can use when you decide to invest your energy and time on improving your health. You are not ready yet You may be at a stage where you would like the desired outcome, but you are not ready to take action and ...
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