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Not all those who wander are lost

Last week I celebrated my 40thbirthday with family and friends.  I could not believe the amount, of friends who told me how inspiring my journey has been to them and that they are sharing, it with their friends too which truly warms my heart! They told me to keep doing what ...
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The Road to Sustainability

There are a number of different roads you can use when you decide to invest your energy and time on improving your health. You are not ready yet You may be at a stage where you would like the desired outcome, but you are not ready to take action and ...
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Working from the inside out

The last year and half, I have been on an incredible journey of changing my mindset which has resulted in reducing and managing my anxiety and depression.  This has come from a reconnecting to myself and finding joy in the small things as well as the bigger things in life.        My ...
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Imposter Syndrome

Hey lovelies  Today, I want to share that I have been stuck in imposter syndrome the feeling we get when we feel like we are a fraud, that we are inadequate and self-doubt rules our abilities even though we are more than enough.  It has affected all that I am trying ...
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The morning after

Waking up the morning after feeling groggy, my head pounding with a thunderous headache, my mouth as dry as the Sahara Desert, not wanting to get up and acknowledge the day ahead.  Anyone reading would assume that I am taking about a night out on the town downing alcohol like it ...
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