Discombobulated by the New Year/New You


The endless posts talking about how 2020 is going to be the best year yet! Are jamming our newsfeeds.

We are told that planning is the answer! As if, planning the ass out of the next 365 days is really the answer? Yes, in an ideal world it may well be lovely to have everything figured out! But life does not work that way, well for us down to earth kind of folks and no matter how hard everyone tries no one has their shit together all the time.

We are days away from the onslaught of the diet fads being in our eyeline on TV, in magazines, new diet books, exercise DVDs, new apps for our phones.

If you gave yourself permission to have a good time over the festive season and that has resulted in good memories, or a little bit more padding as over-indulgence crept in then so be it.

I want you to STOP THERE!

I feel a little rant coming on so bear with me. The whole system angers me to be honest how one minute we are meant to be having fun, and the next we are restricting ourselves with crazy fad diets and being shown how to lose 7lbs in 7 days, or detox for 30 days to lose X amount of weight or to flush out your organs! And of course, there is no gain without pain with vigorous workouts so that you sweat it on “beast mode” each gym session.
From being “that person” who did the 30 day detoxes and crazy amounts of exercise I know how gruelling physically it was let alone emotionally.
I have tried countless food plans, exercise regimes to lose the weight but one thing I learnt was that I was coming from a place of not feeling enough, not comfortable in my own skin, even when I was the magic size 12. I had dedicated myself but at what cost to my mental and physical health? Sacrificing time with family and friends, restricting food groups. I may have looked good on the outside, but I felt no different on the inside. The lifestyle I had was not sustainable long-term 12 hours a week training and eating like a sparrow.

From that time up until last year I had worked with countless personal trainers, coaches, joined fancy/bit and saw dust gyms but was still no closer to where I wanted to be.

At the end of this Summer, I met a new coach. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. To be honest when I arrived at the gym, I had a panic attack bought on my own fear of stairs! I had walked up the first two sets, but the last set was just too much. My coach met where I was. That spoke volumes and we had a conversation about my goals and it was the first time that I truly honoured and showed up as me and not trying to be the perfect client.

We both knew that it our work together would start with mindset.
My biggest achievement this year has been to show up even when life happened and I didn’t think I had made enough progress each week. For me, when my anxiety shows up it makes me want to hide and I don’t always see all the progress I have made.

I have just celebrated my first Christmas where I did not overindulge in all the treats and stuff myself silly, but I also did not go without and still enjoyed my favourite of a hot mince pie with ice cream.

So before you go and think you have to go hard or go home at the gym or that cutting out food groups is the right way read my tips below.

How to start to improve and your health this year are:

1. Write down your health goals – these could be small or larger e.g. drinking 2 litres of water a day. It could be to drop a dress size.

2. Why have you chosen the said goals? What do they really mean to you? e.g. saying I want to lose X amount is very vague but saying I want to lose weight so that I can enjoy taking my children to the park more has more of an emotionally attachment to it.

3. How you feel and talk to yourself will either support you or hindered your progress.

4. Find a nutrition plan that works for you but one thing to remember that all plans work because you create a calorie deficit by eating less and/or burning more energy than you are consuming.

When looking at making changes you will have the big picture in mind. The best way is to break each step down into small manageable steps in order to create consistency and then when you are ready you add another step until you have stacked up all the steps.

Don’t forget that the tortoise won the race not the hare!

If you have any questions or need extra support, do let me know either below, send me a private message or continue the conversation in the Free Facebook Group.

You can join here https://www.facebook.com/groups/668322636966648/

I would love to know your thoughts.

Much love

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