The Change in Seasons


Hello lovelies,

Summer is not too distant a memory it was filled with fun, good times, barbecues, ice cream balancing it out with summer salads and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.  I have noticed the last few days the air is a little chiller, the mornings darker with the evening skies drawing in little signs that Autumn is coming for me conjures up cosy nights in, big woolly jumpers and wrapping up warm when going out, as well as swapping the delicious lighter meals for more stodgy meals of casseroles, stews, soups and more.

I love this time of the year.  In previous years, it is usually the time of year that my anxiety has shown up more. As I am now more aware of this I will be putting into place the things I have learnt at the start of this year.

I wanted to share a few tips I will using this year to keep my anxiety at bay:

  • Make time for yourself – whether that is to read a book, listen to music or a podcast, draw or paint;
  • Ensure you schedule some activity – I have really enjoyed the summer of being able to walk everywhere and especially my time at the beach. I will be changing my outdoor routine and heading back instead to the gym and attending yoga classes. Although I love being out in nature this will be more for at weekends.
  • Journaling – I use this as way to check-in with myself on how I am really feeling because it is private place where you be open with yourself. It gives you insights and you can use this information to ensure you are getting the right support.
  • Support – Although it was scary at first, I have really enjoyed meeting new people and trying new things through the Meetup app. I joined a local book club and various other things.   I have been in contact with old friends too and had some good fun.
  • Learning – You may want to use this time to focus on learning a new skill be it cookery, climbing or something completely different. At the present I am on a course which at the end of it I will be a qualified EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it is something I will be giving you more details on as I have found it to help my anxiety and general wellbeing.
  • Meditation – I actually use a great app which is free called Insight Timer and usually use this in the main to help me go to sleep if I find my mind is racing a little too much for my liking. I also love the meditation element of yoga as well and very much looking forward to going to classes.
  • Rest – Take time during your day to have rest. Personally, from my own experience I  have found that by setting myself a few boundaries of not eating sugary foods in the evenings, logging off of social media an hour before bed, reading a book for about 20 minutes, having a dark room so all sources of light are switched off or hidden I found that I am sleeping much at night.
  • Celebrate – I have really seen a difference in my mindset since celebrating the little things I do – whether it was I had done my 10,000 steps each, made some “me time”, had a hot chocolate with a friend and even nourishing my body with nutritious meals and sleep.
  • Nutrition – With a busy summer and the change in season some people may be feeling run down.What better way than to use this time to pull out the books and try some new recipes.  This time of year, I look using my slow cooker.  I do have a favourite chicken curry recipe which I will share with you very soon.

I hope you have found these tips useful and if you have any questions or need some support please feel free to reach out to me.

Much love,



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