The Journey of a Thousand Miles – part 3


The final part in my journey of a thousand miles.

Well I have been back home for a few months now and life is going well.

I took a break from writing as my anxiety levels rose and, although I thought I was holding it together it has been a challenging few months.  I have continued to move forward in my recovery settling back into city life, home and my new job.  I am working hard to pay off the remaining amount of debt.  I even opened my first savings account which is another step closer to my bankruptcy being behind me.  This year, I was able to buy my family Christmas presents albeit they were small, it felt good to be able to do it myself and not use credit.

I plan to work on my social anxiety by broadening my horizons in the coming year with adventures, new experiences, seeing old friends, making new friendships and so much more.

My focus is to live more in the present, to not take people/things for granted, to do more of the things I love and continue to push myself and build the life I want.

This year has been pretty crazy with many challenges/lessons and I have come out the other side.  I am excited for 2019 on a personal note and all for all the great things I have planned for the Power of 3 Health and Wellbeing blogsite, Instagram and Facebook page in the coming year.

Much love,


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