The Road to Sustainability


There are a number of different roads you can use when you decide to invest your energy and time on improving your health.

You are not ready yet

You may be at a stage where you would like the desired outcome, but you are not ready to take action and that is ok.  We all get to a point in our lives where we have enough and are open to the possibilities.   

Open to possibilities

You are looking to make changes, but you may be scared or fearful about the obstacles which lay ahead.  Trust me I know how that feels!  

Whichever road you find yourselves on always know I am here to help you and support you by holding your hand from the taking that first step to implementing changes from where you are now.  I recommend keeping a log of where you are starting, (your starting point) where you want to end up (the outcome), and the most important part is what you are doing to get there (the action).  

It is the action that is the evidence that builds your confidence, your belief, the results.  The tools we use help us to get to the outcome and repeat the success in all areas of our lives.  

A continuous evolving journey

Whether you choose to turn left, right or go straight you will ever know if the road ahead will be, a short cut, long road or a bumpy ride filled with twist and turns.  What will never change is your determination to succeed no matter how long it takes.  Continuously working on your mindset and confidence will provide you with new knowledge, experiences and skills. These lessons will help you to grow stronger and reach your outcome and can be used in all areas of your life not just your health and wellbeing.  

Things I have learnt from other approaches

I am not perfect by any means and I am not preaching here but would which option would you prefer? 

The quick-fix

  • Requires little work;
  • May spends lots of money; 
  • Gets the results; and 
  • Then boom! 2 months later your back at square one 


The non-negotiable

  • Prepared to do the work;
  • It is non-negotiable; 
  • Work on mindset;  
  • Create new habits;
  • Keep the plan simple; 
  • Build consistency;
  • Sees results; and
  • Repeats the above. 

Most people don’t like or want to do the work because it is not quick or sexy and this leads to living in the perpetual cycle of on-off.  

The people that choose the non-negotiable are more likely to succeed to their desired outcome because they have done the work necessary and this would have led to creating and continuing lifestyle changes which means that there is no more on-off you are on cruise control whilst being mindful and continuing the work.    

My experience 

Six years ago, I was the quick-fixer here’s what happened: – 

I went from doing nothing and having a poor relationship with food into beast mode shrinking from a size 22 to size 12.  

How did I do it? 

  • I hardly eat; 
  • I was scared of certain macronutrients so cut them out of my eating plan;
  • I used shakes as I thought that would help gain control back with food, but it only made matters worse;
  • I spent 9 to 12 hours a week in the gym with most days having back to back sessions; 

What happened? 

Eight months on, I was my dream size, but I had no life, I was exhausted, and still had a bad relationship with food.   

The result

I regained all the weight and some extra and still had a poor relationship with food. So this is what happens when you use extreme methods. Which I do not recommend or advocate at all.  

Where I am now 

These days I choose to work with and not against my body by using the following: 

  • Mindset

It all starts with you believing in you being your biggest cheerleader internally.  We become that by knowing what it means to us to achieve the outcome and being prepared to put the work in on the good and not so good days;

  • Nutrition

Creating a better relationship with food by understanding the fundamentals of nutrition.

  • Movement

Finding an activity, gym, class that you love and that you now that you will show up for every session and that becomes a part of your routine 

All these three things have something in common when done together are the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle and your body and mind will be thank you for it. 

Until next time 

Much love


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