The last year and half, I have been on an incredible journey of changing my mindset which has resulted in reducing and managing my anxiety and depression.  This has come from a reconnecting to myself and finding joy in the small things as well as the bigger things in life.       

My life experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today, but I continue to learn, grow and evolve and work every day on being the best version of myself. 

The main focus up to now has been my mental health and I am now in a good place and feel so much better.  I still get times or days when things are more challenging, but I have the tools and mindset to be able to work through them. So, the feeling does not stay around for too long but flows in and out.  My focus now is my physical health whilst maintaining good emotional health.  

Now for quite some time I have felt unwell and not really listened enough to my body which is awful to say but it is the truth. I have been feeling constantly exhausted, having skin flare ups, bloating and suffered with brain fog.  

I have always had problems with not getting enough sleep.  I am not sure where this stems from because one of my family members could fall asleep on a washing line.  I did have a large period of time and still do this but when I am anxious is that I can’t sleep.  I tend to stay up late with the belief that I can calm my anxious brain down but in reality, I was set myself up for a fall each time because all I do is override the part of my body that wants to rest and repair and then this cycle is repeated for days until your body forces you to sleep.  

Over the years I have purchased loads of different face creams and face washes to clear my skin and whilst I have had great results in the beginning they don’t seem to last.   

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with an underactive thyroid and the doctor told me that as long as I was taking my medication, I would be fine.  

Having read around the subject and listening to various podcasts it seemed that it was possible my symptoms were linked to thyroid issues and possible food intolerances.   

What is a food intolerance? 

A food intolerance occurs when a person’s body has difficulty in digesting a particular food.   

Symptoms of a food intolerance?

  • Feeling under the weather;
  • Migraines;
  • Bloating; 
  • Stomach pains; 
  • Skin rashes. 

If you are experiencing, any of these symptoms or others then please seek professional help from either your GP or a qualified nutritionist that offers intolerance testing.   

The next step for me was contacting Amie Marshall from Body Fabulous based in Salisbury.  I have known Amie for a number of years and knew that she had an upcoming clinic day for intolerance testing. 

On the day of the test I drove down to Salisbury and had my consultation with Amie where she took my blood and had a little discussion.  The results revealed I am intolerant to cows milk.  Amie also advised that due to my thyroid issues it would be best to reduce/remove gluten from my meals as well as contacting my doctor to have further blood tests done to find out how well my thyroid is functioning. I contacted my doctors surgery the following Monday and booked an appointment which is still a few weeks away.  

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been removing products with any cows milk and have been using alternatives like coconut milk and coconut yogurt.  I have been also working on my sleeping pattern. On the nights I manage 8 hours I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go and my productivity at work and home has increased. As for my skin I have seen a great improvement.  I have not had any flare ups and that in itself has made me feel better. I am not experiencing so much brain fog either.  

I have taken this opportunity to get to grips with my own nutrition and am tracking my food using the MyFitnessPal app and ensuring I stay within my calories whilst increasing my protein intake.  I have kept my plan simple in order to build consistency and adherence.  

If you would like to find out more about Amie and the work she does then click here on the link to her website 

Until next time.

Much love 


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